Ruins of Empúries

Ruïnes d'Empúries

Ruins of Empúries
Author of the photo: lezibou (wikipedia)

Empúries is a privileged scenario in our history. Gateway of Greek and Roman culture in the Iberian Peninsula, Empúries is a unique site, a place where the remains of a Greek colonial town –Empòrion– with a Roman city, the old Emporiae, created at the beginning of the 1st century BC on the structures of a Roman military camp installed during the previous century. Empúries thus constitutes a privileged place for understanding the evolution of Greek urbanism implemented at the western end of the Mediterraneanas well as to analyze Roman urbanism of the final period of the Republic and its subsequent transformation during the imperial era.

Empúries is located in the municipality ofEscalaWaterfront, south of gulf of Roses, described by the UNESCO as one of the most beautiful gulfs in the world.

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