Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have been working hard to ensure that our establishment offers the best conditions of hygiene and disinfection, following the regulations established for this purpose.
information updated as of January 10, 2022

At Hotel Parc we have always taken the hygiene and care of our establishment very seriously. Now, as a result of the outbreak of the SARS-cov2 virus, we see ourselves with the obligation, as a family run hotel that we are, to ensure and guarantee the safety of both customers and friends and our staff. That is why we are currently in constant contact with different organizations and suppliers in the industry in order to implement the correct measures of hygiene and disinfection, both to prepare the hotel for the next opening and for its constant maintenance (sanitation of the common areas, rooms, buffet area, …) in short, all the spaces susceptible to the passage of customers and staff. It is for this reason that:

· We have been trained in the fundamental concepts of hygiene and safety, both for us and for the customers themselves. The training of our staff includes: promoting and encouraging good hand washing, knowing the protocols in hygiene and disinfection of each space, employee awareness towards customers, as well as the preparation of internal circulars with up-to-date information on everything of interest to provide better care and disinfection of the establishment.

·The protocols governing the cleaning of the establishment are up to date and we keep in touch with our cleaning products suppliers, in order to ensure that the disinfection of the rooms and common areas is carried out correctly and with the appropriate protection measures, both for workers and customers:

1) in common areas, the frequency of cleaning and disinfection has been be increased, paying special attention to places where there is usually more contact (reception desk, elevators, stair railings, door knobs, bathrooms, common areas,…).

2) In the rooms, special attention is paid to cleaning and disinfection once guests have finished their stay and before the next ones enter. Special attention will be paid to frequent contact sites such as switches and handles.

3) In spaces reserved for hotel staff, and work spaces, the frequency of cleaning and disinfection has been increased and we have focus mainly on the areas where there is usually more contact (staff changing rooms, kitchen, service stairs…).